Amber Gwynne

/æmbɘ gwɪn/

n. researcher, writer, editor

'Writing is easy,' wrote Gene Fowler. 'All you do is stare at a piece of paper until drops of blood form on your forehead.'
Sound familiar?

Let Amber take the blood, sweat, and tears out of the writing process for you.

Amber helps authors, students, and businesses to create articles, sites, and books that people want to read—whether by conducting initial research, putting pen to paper, or performing final revisions.

With a background in linguistics, Amber brings a unique expertise to working with words.


She also holds both a Master’s in Writing, Editing and Publishing (2011) and a PhD in reader theories and cultural studies (2018) from The University of Queensland. She has worked on edX's popular writing and grammar MOOC, Write101x, since its first iteration in 2014.


Writing & content development

Craft a compelling message that informs, inspires, and engages your reader. Amber can help you to develop and write effective content, whether you're at the rough-notes stage or further along in the process. Amber can also write original content based on material from interviews and commissioned research. Amber writes website content, copy for marketing collateral, blog posts, articles, reviews, and a range of business documents such as proposals and annual reports.


Got content? Improve the structure, flow, and clarity of your writing through substantive and copy editing. Substantive editing helps to bring your ideas and message into sharper relief by focusing on concepts, content, and organisation; copy editing refines your tone and expression, ironing out errors and inconsistencies in spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Amber is an experienced and perceptive editor who is able to polish your writing and maximise its effect without compromising or undermining your individual voice. Amber edits almost anything sent her way, but she particularly enjoys working on book manuscripts; PhD and MPhil theses; and corporate, academic, and non-fiction articles. 


Know your commas* from your colons? Your Harvard from your APA? Your dangling from your squinting modifiers? Amber does. If your text has already been typeset or requires only one final round of editing to ensure that it's squeaky clean for submission or publication, Amber's eagle eye for detail can pick up any lingering errors and infelicities to ensure an immaculate final document.

*Amber is a huge fan of the Oxford comma, as you may have noticed.


Amber generates competitive custom quotes based on the size and complexity of the project. Get in touch below to discuss how you can work together.

Research & teaching

Amber’s current research focuses on how individuals with a history of depression choose and use self-help books. Her research blends contemporary reader theories with qualitative methods to produce a rich, complex narrative around the cultural history of mental illness and the focus, format, and expression of therapeutic discourses. She is particularly interested in the ways that self-help books represent a critical point at which culture, commerce, and the clinic collide.   


Amber’s keen interest in the ways readers perceive texts also informs her teaching, where she promotes reader-focused writing strategies and a plain language approach. Amber teaches primarily in the areas of academic and corporate writing, high-level editing, and English grammar, equipping students with the competence and confidence to write and refine accurate, engaging text for a variety of audiences.

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